224challenge $500 GIVEAWAY

#224challenge $500 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY Challenge

Are you driven by a competition? If you know yourself and know you are a competitive person, you can leverage that when you are trying to get or stay fit.

This challenge focuses on pushing your mind to complete as many reps until your body just drops. This specific workout will help you burn fat, strengthen your abs, and tone your upper body.  You are required to do 1 set with as many reps as you can every single day for 30 days.  It does not matter what time of day you complete it. As long as it is complete during the same time period.  For example: if you start at 8am, you must complete as many reps as you can.  You will then check in via Eat Your Way To Fit Facebook group with how many reps you did, so I can keep score.  If a day gets missed, you will be disqualified. 

There will be 3 or 4 Winners.

1st THREE winners MUST be members of Eat Your Way To Fit Program which is $97 for a meal plan and coaching from me.

Winner 1 will receive $200 for sharing themselves on their social media doing the 30-day challenge.

Winner 2 will receive $100 for the most complete on Day 30.

Winner 3 will receive $100 for losing the most amount of % of their body weight

Winner 4 who follows me on Social Media will receive $100 for sharing themselves doing the 30-day challenge. Tag me @karinarabinfitness with a number you complete.

1 Winner can win $400 by sharing, doing most reps and losing %.  So, let’s see how many are still jumping by day 30.  I will be doing it with you.

PS.  The challenge will also be included in my LIVE workouts to build up strength but that does not count.

When sharing on Social Media please use #224challenge

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Workout is: Watch Video

2 plank jacks

2 planks

4 shoulder taps

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