Group Coaching #eatyourwaytofit

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Join my ultimate virtual live experience and follow THE exact fitness regimen as I do. Designed to enhance your fitness results and boost your metabolism, these 1-hour workout experiences led by me include strategic fat-burning workouts. Throughout each class, participants will engage their total body while using a range of equipment and at-home apparatuses including a chair, step stool, hand weights, and my resistance bands. All fitness levels are welcome.

Every Class begins with my breakdown session of the content at 11:00 AM EST, followed by the full class at 11:05 AM est.  Group participants will receive an invite to the class via Facebook.  Recorded workouts will be shared to the group on Facebook for your convenience to complete on your own time.

While exercise is important it is only 20% of the outcome.  Nutrition is KEY to your success and that is why I include my nutrition plan which will be delivered to you via E-mail. This E-book is full of information on how to get started to Eat Your Way To Fit.

Once signed up you will receive VIP access into my private group on Facebook. Where you will find cooking videos, recipes, and more. This email may be found in SPAM.

Eat Your Way To Fit is my virtual fitness playground, coaching group, accountability, and support for women. I work out LIVE with you Monday through Friday at 11 am eastern and always RECORD them for your convenience.

Tools needed: My resistance bands that attach to the door, Click Here. Hand weights a plus, food measuring tools, and energy.

Check out my workouts Click Here

IF YOU DON’T HAVE FACEBOOK:  This plan has been updated for those individuals who do not have Facebook. A calendar with links to the workouts on YouTube are included and a Gym Workout is included.
For accountability & support an email address will be provided, please allow up to 48-72 hours for assistance.

Vegetarian / Vegan food list included.

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Group Coaching #eatyourwaytofit

$199.00 $89.00